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Sean Taylor Schleifer

Born Tuesday February 11, 1984

    Hi my name is Sean.  I've been into anything that's creative and allows my imagination to come to life since I was born. My collective artistic juices started flowing at young age. I began making massive Lego cities that sprawled across the living room and eventually they grew taking over a good portion of the house. I got into video games from an early age and dreamed to work in the industry some day. I took art classes, music classes even an architectural class where I first learned 3D modeling. From there I realized I wanted to venture into the world of CGI.


    I went to the Art Institute of Washington and found many different mediums. From there I began to work with clay sculptures, graphic design, film editing, motion graphics, web design, and sound composition. Each skill I learned, I harnessed it and focused it towards everything I did. If I created a 3D model, I could animate it, then I could edit it, add special effects, create a custom soundtrack, publish it and then package it. Any idea in my head was now able to become reality.

    Right now I work with C3 Cyber Club, a progressive education & entertainment center.  It’s a small company so I’m always doing different things but my main job is to build the image and personality of an entire company.  I create promotional commercials, van layouts, in-store displays, website designs, flyers & more!  On top of that I’m the head teacher, teaching 3D Animation, Clay Animation, Game Design, Film Making, & Photoshop.  Being the head teacher is a big responsibility because I have to maintain a well balanced class curriculum, be able to meet multiple deadlines, clients, and manage other teachers while dealing with 40 screaming kids.  It’s overwhelming sometimes but it’s all worth it when I know I inspire a child and make a small difference in their life.

    On the side when I have time  I do freelance work.  Creating graphic designs, Photography Shoots, and Filming Projects. During this time, I've expanded my skills seeking out new creative mediums like Photography, music, & graphic design.  If your interested in my services, shoot me an email.

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Software Knowledge

3D Studio Max

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Flash

Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple Soundtrack

Apple Live Type

Toon Boom


The Art Institute of Washington,

BA of Fine Arts in Media Arts &


Park View High School


Teacher/Head Multi-Media Designer, C3 Cyber Club

Photographer, Memory Makers

Internet Commercial, Freelance

3D Animation, Freelance,

Photography, Freelance

Rachel Orf Vrabel

Wedding & Reception


Film Finalist in “Nintendo Short Cuts” Film Contest, June 2007

Film Award for first place in Myspace-Nintendo “How Wii Play Contest” November 2006

Art Institute “Best of Show” for 2006 SIGRAPPH Convention

Phone: 571-426-0955  
Address: 910 McDaniel Ct, Herndon
                   VA 20170
Occupation: Multi-Media Designer 
Skills: 3D Animation, Web Design,
Motion Graphics, Film Editing, Graphic Design & Illustrations
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3D Artist
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