DJ Artist
Sound Designer
Electronic Composer

Copyrighted 2009 | Frost Industries

Call me Dj Frost.  From live instruments 
to pre-recorded samples I’m making beats
in my small studio down in my basement.
I like to mix and create any genre & style of
music.  Feel free to grab some tracks!

     Book me at your next Bar Mitzvah!

Dj Frost

Making Music & Saving the World

   So when I’m not making 3D Animations, shooting Photography, or making a movie I’m out occasionally saving the world..... or making music.  My name is Dj Frost and when I have free time, I’m making music be it from scratching on my turntables, mixing samples or playing live instruments.  I like to mix and create any genre & style of music and try to incorporate my own unique blend.  Lately I’ve been getting into more of an electronic mellow vibe so my most recent music has turned in that direction. 


    I also like to get into sound design and create custom sound effects using tools such as Pro Tools, Apple Soundtrack & Garageband, that way I can create original custom sound effects in my own movies & animations. 

I have realized the extra work pays off and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that I created every aspect of a project from the ground up.  In my free time I might DJ for a local party or small event.  If you like what you hear feel free to grab some of my tracks for direct download.  Catch my latest stuff on Myspace & Youtube.

“Guitar Hero”

“Live. Breath. Die.”


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“The Good Old Days”

“Meaning of Life”